Announcements 04/26/2022 03:30 am
Tags: CAT Asset Tokens

Chinilla Asset Tokens with Exclusive Airdrop

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Today, we passed two milestones. We crossed the 200PiB mark today as well as had our 100,000th block farmed.  To celebrate, we are giving all of our farmers some freshly minted Chinilla Asset Tokens to commemorate the occasion.  The first token that we will be airdropping is the Chinilla Founder Token.  The first 100 unique farmer addresses on the blockchain will receive just ONE of these rare tokens. So treasure them accordingly. For the second airdrop, Every farmer address that received a reward in the first 100,000 blocks will be receiving FIVE Chinilla Early Farmer Tokens.  We have published version 1.0.3 today which prepares your wallet for these two tokens.

Founder Token
Total Supply: 100

Early Farmer Token
Total Supply: 2500

We have forked and created the necessary tools in order for you to create your own Chinilla Asset Tokens on the blockchain.  In the coming days, we will publish a blog post detailing how you can create and submit your own tokens using HCX.  We are also hard at work at creating an automated DECENTRALIZED solution for NFT recovery and will have more news on that in the coming days.  Stay tuned!