Announcements 04/07/2022 10:01 pm

Addressing the Initial Launch Issues

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We had a pretty rough launch, there's no denying that. The issues that happened were a blessing in disguise, however because it allowed us to correct an issue with the source and adjust our difficulties. We had not expected the amount of net space that initially joined the network and had anticipated slower growth. This was not the case.

We are not completely sure what happened with the first launch beyond the fact that the difficulty was set too low that allowed either a purposeful attack or was merely just a byproduct of the timelords overloading. Somewhere around block 2000 on the initial chain, one farmer started winning 99% of the blocks with their own timelord up to around block 11,000 when they were released back on to the network and the chain started moving again.

Once this was realized, a decision was made within our Keybase group among the farmers at that point to reset the genesis and change the ports as well as roll back to the original release version of 1.0.0. It was also brought to our attention that the Chia SSL certificate had somehow managed to make it into the release. We swear that new ones were generated, they just must have not been merged. We used this reset opportunity to also replace the SSL certificates with our own.

We would also like to address the 21,000 pre-farm as we have heard a few rumblings and complaints. Seeing as we do not intend to commit the full potential of our farms to the network for at least 30 days to allow other farmers the chance to win early, we wanted to ensure that some HCX was available to build out infrastructure such as a faucet and Asset Tokens. It is services like those that these coins will be applied to.

At the time of writing, our net space is at 55.62 PiB at height 14,405 and growing with a difficulty of 90. The network appears to have stabilized and we are now on track. We promise to remain committed to addressing any issues brought to our attention either through Github DiscussionsGithub IssuesKeybase or Discord.

We appreciate the response of our farmers and together we will continue to build Chinilla into a viable competitor in the crypto space. Now we will move forward and start building out enhancement features such as an Android/iOS mobile wallet, NFT recovery, wallet balance tracking and more. Please make sure to register and subscribe on our website at https://chinilla.com to stay informed of all the latest Chinilla news and features.

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