Chinilla Blockchain

About Us

Chinilla is direct fork of Chia™, a modern cryptocurrency built from scratch, designed to be efficient, decentralized, and secure. Chinilla has a very modest pre-mine of only 21,000 HCX (vs. Chia™ 21,000,000 XCH) to support current and future development. We recommend comparing our release vs Chia™ if you have any questions on what was changed. Chinilla is committed to maintaining a pure vanilla fork of Chia™ and will will only implement changes under two circumstances:

  • Chia™ pushes changes and updates to their main branch.
  • Chinilla Improvement Proposals (CIP) - Both users and devs can propose improvements for community discussion. If there is enough of a reason or demand for a CIP, then it will be moved into development.


Blocks per day with a 2 HCX reward for the first 3 years, halving every 3 years until the reward reaches 0.125.


HCX developer pre-mine that will be used to support current and future development.


HCX to be farmed in the first 3 years with that amount halving every 3 years stopping at 210,240 per year.

Community Involvement

Chinilla not only aims to maintain an active, well maintained fork of Chia, but also be to be active in the Chia™ community by supporting development and bugfixes to improve upon the PoST protocol as a whole.

Dedicated Development

Disappointed with the development done on other forks, Chinilla strives to continue to improve and build upon the existing platform. We will be active in development, bugfixes and features improving upon Chinilla.

Secure and Decentralized

Chinilla employs many different nodes all over the world helping to make this one of the most decentralized blockchains. Chinillalisp programming environment allows for on chain programming with capabilities such as Asset Tokens, Singletons(NFTs), and DeFi.


Existing Chia™ plots can used to farm on the Chinilla network. Plots created on Chinilla are backwards compatible with Chia™. Currently any NFT Chia™ plots can only be solo-farmed on Chinilla. We are currently working on an update that will allow Chives farmers to farm on Chinilla.


Chinilla uses the Proof of Space and Time consensus developed by Chia™, which uses only 0.16% the annual energy consumption of Bitcoin and 0.36% of Ethereum. Chinilla helps promote the second hand use of hard drives, that otherwise would have gone to the dump.


Chinilla has a built-in pooling protocol to allow for future expansion of the network. Once the network grows too big for solo farming, Farmers can create plots to be used in Pools on the Chinilla network. We are working on an update to allow Chia™ NFT plots to switch from solo to pools.


Chinillalisp is modeled after a LISP-like language that allowed for smart-contracts and freezing or releasing funds. Chinillalisp is forked from Chia™ and will receive all updates published on the upstream. Chinillalisp allows for simple composability and interoperability.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Chinilla is capable of any number of decentralized finance tools that you will find on any other blockchain. Using chinillalisp, any number of DeFi products can be built including prediction markets, borrowing and lending, stablecoins, synthetics, asset management and much, much more.

Chinilla Asset Tokens

You can create and/or trade these tokens on the Chinilla blockchain. Creators of these tokens have control over how they may be spent and the rules for minting and retirement of the tokens. They can be implemented as stable coins, stock issuance tokens, voting shares etc.


Singletons are used in Chinillalisp to create tokens where there is only a single one, with ownership verified on the Chinilla blockchain. With this, it allows for the creation of NFTs, single issuance tokens, decentralized identities, etc. Singletons allow for some interesting functionality.